As part of my daily job, I monitor a difficult space. Imagine: a tennis ball trapped inside a room, bouncing from one wall to another. Each time regenerating into 5 more balls that also begin to ricochet around the room. Solid concrete walls—impenetrable by outside sound and light. It is not a place I would call “comfortable” and hence I avoid entering, unless I have to tend to something urgent (like when the roof started to leak last year). Prefer to keep the door shut, keep all those balls inside—they can be quite unwieldy to handle, you know, with the spontaneous regeneration and all. When I first started my job, I thought I’d just start snatching balls one by one and thereby cut off the source of the chaos, get the system under control. Ha! I could barely keep up. As soon as I grabbed one, there were 5 more! Recently I’ve been dreaming about finding a way to capture the energy from the balls’ momentum…

Idea #1: Power a giant Ferris wheel in my backyard that runs all year round
Idea #2: Operate one million sewing machines simultaneously in order to mass-produce items for my new to-be-determined fashion line
Idea #3: Dry-freeze an entire grocery-store full of food to stock up as many food pantries as possible
Idea #4: Set-up streetlights in every dark strip of every city
Idea #5: Play music on the trains through a tricked-out sound system, soothing the daily commuters
Idea #6: Run computer models around the world concurrently in order to make significant headway on the sequencing of the human genome
Idea #7: On the storefront of every block, light-up a small neon sign that says “You are Loved” to remind passersby