I love that I can always feel you here with me

I love that you keep movin’ in these ways that dammmmnnnn
I didn’t even know you could after all these
what has it been, almost 27 years?

That way you bounce bounce right back up
when I give you what you need
and hell even when sometimes I don’t

You gettin’ rolled and you just rollin’ with it

I scrape you and I work you and you are tired and I don’t care and
you ache and I would rather break you than listen to you

Then you remind me that I cannot ignore you

You make me surrender
Keep me humble

Because even when you falter,
the color is such a magnificent red

I love the messages you whisper me,
the signals you send me,
how you teach me to care

How you love to get downnnn

When that beat starts,
you make me stop whatever I’m doing and hit it

Hot damn

When you get into that flow,
you are in your groove
and I am just along for the ride

Places I cannot go on my own
Sun-filled, joyous spaces that inspire, excite, and enlighten

I love that you evolve, change, respond with such natural fluidity

To think that for so long I thought it was you who needed me!

When in reality I am nothing without you.