This is the story of an overactive mind and here is the synopsis: a bucket of live monkeys, where the bucket is also an intricate knot of chained necklaces that cannot be untangled. Why is it that kids are the only ones willing to tell people when they are bored? This is not about fine motor skills or lack thereof. Pastels are like tame crayons with culture. Like the difference between trousers and slacks. You could say it is similar to the difference between 1% and 2% milk—how do you like your fat content? In the abstract sense, I get the idea of well-being. The cast iron skillet does not take well to soap and for that we know it is superior. Orange-yellow or yellow-orange? Depends on the use-case, but I usually tend towards less is more. Surfers may disagree. At first, I thought I forgot to lock up my bicycle. Then I remembered I do not have a bicycle. It may need more salt. The judge is still undecided but we are hopeful that we will win the case. It definitely needs more pepper. The exam is open-book, pass-fail and ultimately decides life-death. In the preschool classroom, the child with crusty fingers napped, dreamt of purple fire-breathing dragons. Please find attached. A classic case of negligence. I usually prefer gold jewelry so was surprised when I picked out the silver ring. Hold the ice, please. Like a princess, she put in her mouthguard and laid her head upon the feather pillow. A charm bracelet sans charm.