That towel hanging on the hook, damp. I tried to twist it dry but the tighter I twisted, the more I felt that such an attempt was futile. Water isn’t meant to go away that quickly. The evaporation method is preferred in these situations, the manual reads. Teflon pans are also preferred. Wasn’t there some court case about Teflon causing cancer? Or was that just the picture of Trump eating a giant taco bowl? My memory is hazy these days, since I starting eating again. Hazy like the fog hovering over the hills in the morning, unlike the grey-orange pollution hovering over the freeway. One idea: I paint my house the color of that grey-orange. This is my house, I was inspired by pollution. Second idea: I stop cutting my fingernails for a year and see if I can become one of those people in the Guinness Book of World Records for having extraordinarily long nails. Third idea: toenails.